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08th Mar 2020

A sourdough making class at Bread 41 needs to be on your foodie bucket list

Sarah Finnan

Sourdough making class at Bread 41

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Bread alert – add this to your foodie bucket list immediately.

Bread 41 holds a special place in many a Dubliner’s hearts. It’s one of the most talked-about and most beloved bakeries in our fine city and it’s not hard to see why. Step inside and you’re met with rows upon rows of freshly baked goods  – from pastries to pizzas to all kinds of bread. It’s carb heaven there and when I die, that’s where I want to go.

Home to one of the best, if not the best, cheese toasties I’ve ever tasted, I’ve followed Bread 41 on Instagram for quite a while. Lusting over all their scrumptious creations, their posts leave me in a constant state of hunger.

So you can probably guess my reaction when I was invited in to do a sourdough making class – you best believe I near lost my marbles. And for the literal cherry raspberry on top? The class was organised in collaboration with Bonne Maman jam.

Now, much as I loaf bread (*read love), I’ve never tried my hand at making my own, but thankfully that wasn’t a problem as chef and baker Eoin Clusky lead us step-by-step through the whole process… making it look very easy I might add.

All you need is salt, water, flour, sourdough starter and a little bit of know-how.

Bread 41 baking class

Be prepared to get your hands dirty, you may not have to sing for your supper but you’ll certainly have to work for it. Crust me, it’s so worth it though, so believe the hype.

Usually waiting for the goods to be cooked is the least fun part, but not in this case. We headed out of the kitchen and into the main restaurant area for a feast of epic proportions… in classic “here’s one I prepared earlier” style.

Top flavour combinations include apricot marmalade on rye bread and the Bonne Maman intense raspberry conserve on a chocolate croissant.

Bread and jam at Bread 41

Several slices of bread later and our own sourdough loaves were ready (motherhood is treating me very well, thanks for asking).

Bread 41

Unsurprisingly, bread making classes at Bread 41 are extremely popular, and tend to book out well in advance… you people didn’t come down in the last shower so you know what’s up. Keep an eye on the Bread Nation website though and if you’re lucky you might just happen upon an open spot.

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