Canine reunions and breaded cheese - 5 things we're Lovin in Dublin this week

By Fiona Frawley

January 19, 2023 at 1:09pm


Welcome to The L List, our weekly round up of things we're Lovin in Dublin across food, culture and craic.

This week we've been welling up at dog reunion vids and eating our body weight in cheese - pretty much the only way to spend the last leg of January.

If you're looking for a bit of inspo for what to eat, watch or go to ahead of this weekend, look no further.

Cheese starters at Chez Max

A longtime staple of Dublin's foodie scene, dinner at Chez Max feels so authentically French you'll have to stop yourself doing that slow, animated, overly-pointing-at-the-menu style of ordering you usually do on holidays. Everything's delicious but the starters deserve a special shout out for providing so many cheese options - whether you're going for their iconic French onion soup with an extra serving of Emmental cheese to lob on top, the Fondu au Vin Blanc, a melty offering baked in a generous inch of white wine or the Brie Pané with fig carpaccio (which I went for, see below), your fromage fancy is guaranteed to be satisfied.

Brie Pané from Chez Max, Palace Street 

Valentines Cabaregg

No strangers to this weekly listicle, Cabaregg are quickly becoming the go-to spot to celebrate pretty much every holiday in the calendar (for me, anyway).

Yesterday, Cabaregg announced their Valentines special - a Queer Prom Extravaganza with glamorous gowns, slow dances and the chance to be crowned the Cabaregg Prom Monarch. Early bird tickets are sold out already (who's shocked), but keep an eye out for more ticket announcements HERE.

A Doggo Reunion


As you've probably heard at this stage, this week the DSPCA managed to successfully reunite a stolen dog with her loving family, two whole years after they were initially separated.

Her family rushed from their Galway home to pick her up, and DSPCA managed to catch the joyful reunion on vidjo. I'm still welling up on my 18th time watching.

National Hug Day

The Ronald McDonald House and Adam King are marking National Hug Day by asking people to send Barróg, the stuffed bunny whose name is Irish for hug this weekend. All proceeds from the purchase of Barróg go directly to supporting the families of sick children staying at The Ronald McDonald House. If you're feeling charitable this month or know someone in need of a hug, you can find out more about sending Barróg HERE.



If you're pining for the days of the Christmas markets gone by there's no need to be glum - Winteryard at the Bernard Shaw in Drumcondra is still in full swing until the end of the month. There are food stalls, warming winter bevs and live entertainment aplenty - a surefire way to cure any lingering January blues.

Same time, same place next week for a fresh round up of things we're Lovin in Dublin!

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