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02nd Jul 2021

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own candles and bath bombs? This Dublin store will show you how

Rory Cashin

A fantastically unique way to spend an evening.

With more and more of reality and “normality” opening up to us week on week, we’re all going to be craving new, exciting, interesting things to do with our evenings out.

Additionally, after the year-and-a-bit that we’ve had, we’re all acutely aware of self-care and the necessity of looking after ourselves.

Brilliantly, a new workshop in Dublin combines both of those thoughts!

The Handmade Soap Company are launching two new workshops in July, each showing you how to create some of their famous and much-loved products yourself. And as much as you might love a specific candle, no candle will smell as nice as the one you create yourself!

We took part in the the candle making and the bath bomb creating classes, and we can confirm they are GREAT fun, and a truly unique way to spend an evening. Here are our finished bath bomb products, and we’re pretty proud of them, if we do say so ourselves…

Each workshop will have a limit of six people, each workstation appropriately separated and in-line with all covid-safety guidelines.

The workshop dates are currently scheduled as follows, dependant on current government guidelines:

Candle Making – 5.30pm to 7:00pm: July 21, 22, 28, 29, and August 4, 5, 11, 12.

Bath Bomb and Lip Balm – 7:00pm to 8:30pm: July 21, 22, 28, 29, and August 4, 5, 11, 12.

Pre-book your spot online at from Wednesday, July 7.

Donagh Quigley, the founder of The Handmade Soap Company, had this to say about the workshops:

“We believe that a lot of the benefit of self-care comes from the ritual of creation and in these workshops, you will learn how to create your own self-care products from simple, natural and accessible ingredients.

“Throughout the workshops you will learn by doing. You will learn the basics of natural perfumery, using a selection of the finest essential oils and unifying them to the perfect, well-balanced blend. You will master using ingredients that are readily available in nature and then learn how to customise them with dried seasonal flowers that grow locally. You will leave with your handmade products and the knowledge of how to create your own forever.

“These workshops were part of our original dream 10 years ago. It has taken us a while to get to an ideal time and place but now we are ready. The intent is to share our knowledge, our passion and to show people the ritual of nature’s self-care is accessible to all.”

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