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20th Dec 2016

The 9 Best Gluten Free Products On The Market


Eating gluten free is all the rage at the moment, paleo diets and wheat free diets have never been more popular. Not only do health experts list the endless benefits of eating gluten free foods, but most people who have cut out gluten will generally report to feeling much healthier and full of energy. Unfortunately I’m not gluten free by choice as I am a coeliac, and I find that no matter what, I still just miss having a biscuit with my tea or dipping some crusty bread into my soup. Thankfully, there is a massive market of gluten free food out there with more and more companies popping up as the days go by. We’ve come a long way from the slices of crumbly, gluten free bread the size of postage stamps. So the following list comprises some of my favourite gluten free products, they may not be the healthiest on the market but they are great alternatives to their gluten-filled competitors.

9. Hanna’s Secret

While all their products are great, they have a few products that are truly amazing. The ‘Power Scones’ are said to actively reduce cholesterol, the ‘Oops Tipsy’ muffins and cakes have so much brandy in them you’ll have difficulty walking straight, and two slices of their high fibre breakfast bread is the equivalent of a 30g bowl of porridge.

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8. BFree Bread

The closest you’ll get to the real thing in terms of taste and texture, the BFree range is readily available in most supermarkets. They do sliced pans, wraps, bagels and buns which Bunsen use for their gluten free burgers.

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7. The Foods of Athenry

This company is coming on in leaps and bounds and their range is constantly growing. You can get granola, flavoured soda bread toasts, cookie shots, biscuit bars, ‘craicers’ and plenty more. Great for anyone with a sweet tooth that is avoiding gluten.

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6. Dr. Coy’s

This are another Irish company churning out fantastic gluten free products that are available in most health food stores. Their organic coconut flour is great for baking and they have really delicious chocolate covered cherries and ginger lime bars.


5. Pure Food

The ladies behind the Pure Food Bakery in Blackrock also have a fantastic online shop where you can order bread and scone mixes, the berry scone mix is my favourite.

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4. Aldi’s ‘Has No’ Range

At this stage most supermarkets have started producing their own gluten free ranges, but this particular range is just extraordinary. Their gloopy chocolate muffins are so good you’ll be convinced there must be gluten in them. They also do porridge oats, lots of varieties of biscuits, madeira cake, pasta and breads all under €3 each.


3. The Gluten Free Foodie

The hardest part of eating gluten free bread is that it’s very difficult for bakeries to replicate the texture of real bread. You never really get the crusty exterior or fluffy interior perfectly right, but the Gluten Free Foodie’s bread comes very close. It is available from stockists across the city.

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2. Goodness Grains

Something you definitely miss as a coeliac is a nice pastry as a treat every now and then. Thankfully this company have cracked the art of making gluten free pastries and danishes, so much for the GF diet being low in fat!

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1. Sowans’ Gluten Free Mixes

These guys pride themselves on making bread just like your Mammy would; their mixes are super wholesome and they use only the most natural ingredients. The range includes white bread, sesame bread and a chocolate brownie mix that is really popular.

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