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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Best Long Island Iced Teas in Dublin


While hardly a cocktail connoisseur’s chosen tipple, Long Islands have a strong following and an infamous reputation because they pack such a punch.

It might have something to do with containing vodka, gin, rum and tequila (and orange liqueur for good measure) – or maybe it’s the cola – but people tend to get pretty hyper. While Long Islands are so popular they’re served on tap in several in several city bars, some places are committed to mixing these with extra care. We’ve made a list of the best ten places to get a tasty one of these bad boys, from classic mixtures to more forward-thinking experiments with the original, much-loved drink, we’ve got you covered.

10. Porterhouse Central

The Porterhouse is a lively spot and hence is a great place to hop around meeting new people. The bartenders serve up considerably sized portions of this heady drink, so proceed with caution!


9. Luigi Malones

One of Luigi’s Iced Teas is an ideal order if you’re looking for a reviving drink to set you up for hitting a bar or three, after a filling meal.


8. The Garage Bar

Out of the many casual bars serving these cocktails, The Garage Bar does it best. This little oasis situated on Essex Street, down the road from Temple Bar’s main drag is a great place to let loose and listen to hard rock until 2.30am.


7. The Lotts Café Bar

Tucked away among the bustle of the Ha’penny Bridge-Jervis Street axis, this place does tend to attract a touristy crowd but doesn’t skimp on quality in terms of food, drink or service. They don’t cheap out on ingredients and as such do a pretty roaring Long Island. With two for €18 they can go down pretty smooth indeed.


6. Octagon Bar

This luxurious bar in The Clarence evokes classic charm and is a lovely spot to pop into when doing the rounds of Dublin’s riverside cocktail bars. Their Long Islands are a solid bet.


5. House

House has been refurbished to bring it in line with emerging high class drinking venues in the city, and the back terrace of this Leeson Street establishment is a fantastic place to enjoy a refreshing Long Island on a warm summer day.


4. Fade Street Social

This well established spot serves a wide range of adventurous cocktails, but makes sure not to neglect the traditional ones. Pop in on a Tuesday and take advantage of its somewhat secretive two-for-one deal on standard cocktails.


3. The Exchequer

This plush city centre establishment outdoes most others when it comes to cocktails, and the inventive flair of their bar tenders don’t shy away from reinventing staple drinks. Their transparent Invisible Long Island Iced at €11 is a little piece of magic.


2. Peruke and Periwig

These guys do an Invisible Iced Tea that, it has to be said, edges out most of the rest. As well as this, Peruke’s décor makes the entire drinking experience feel more regal and majestic. Wood panels and golden framed artwork on the walls, taking up three floors of a fine Georgian house, this place oozes old world splendour.


1. Vintage Cocktail Club

VCC’s Crown Alley Iced Tea is the standout iced tea in the city. Just as VCC has firmly put its stamp on Dublin’s cocktail scene, these bartenders have taken this classic drink and imbued with it their own identity.

The quality of ingredients here is outstanding – Jameson Select Reserve Black Barrel Irish Whiskey, VCC Porter, oak aged cider vinegar, condensed milk, fresh citrus and grated nutmeg. These guys provide the complete package, and deserve to top this list.


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