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20th Dec 2016

Top 10 Places For Singles To Get The Ride This Valentine’s Day In Dublin


It is that incredibly painful time of year where single folk are made feel like shit for not having met the partner of their dreams yet, by all the loved up couple out drinking champagne and licking strawberries off each other. Fear not though, single folk as the good news is there are a bunch of events out there that cater for you! It could even mean that this is the very last Valentines day you have to spend as a single. Either way, these 10 events sure look like a lot of fun…

10th. Czech Inn – Traffic Light Ball

OK so the format was around back in the 90s but at least you know what you are going to get. Throw in the fact that it is in the heart of Temple bar and you can’t fail here.


9th. The Sugar Club – The Rocky Horror Anti Valentine’s Day Delight

This event in the brilliant venue that is the Sugar Club is now in it’s 9th year and as they say themselves there is “no need for partners or pants” which tells you all you need to know.


8th. The Workman’s – Céilí for Valentine’s Night

Workman’s is generally a pretty good place to be hanging out if you are single but throw in a Scottish Ceili with people teaching you how to dance, live music and much more and you can’t fail to pull!


7th. Voodoo Lounge – Lisa Lashes

Great tunes from a well known DJ, small tight room with intimate spaces and the drink flowing. All you need to do then is add in the “A Game” and you’ll be laughing.


6th. Slattery’s – French Men

The rugby is on this weekend with Ireland playing France in the Aviva and the buzz is always great in Slattery’s after a game. You will have to battle through the Irish folk and some couples, but there are sure to be some fine looking French men there post game (and a few women).


5th. Whelans – SHIFT

We named them as the overall top place in Dublin to get the ride last year, and with a band playing at midnight upstairs called “SHIFT” what better place is there to meet some partners.

4th. Any Cinema – 50 Shades Of Grey

Release day for the most awaited “sexy” movie in years. Granted there will be plenty of couples there getting themselves all excited, but you’ll also find tons of single people coming out all hot under the collar.

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3rd. Pygmalion – 2 Day Love Festival

Not one but two parties in this great venue with the Love Disco on the Saturday night followed by Love Hangover on the Sunday so you effectively have 2 shots at the title.

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2nd. Generator – Speed Dating

There is probably no better place to get the ride than hanging out in a hostel with frisky young visitors. Add in the fact that they have a speed dating evening and you are bound to get a ride somehow!


1st. The Tinder Ball – The Bernard Shaw

Tinder is the dating app choice of many and what better way to get the ride than at a party to celebrate it in the Bernard Shaw. They are expecting a full house of single Tinder users who will match up in the real world.


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