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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Spots For First Dates In Dublin In 2015


Getting the date? That’s the easy part; Tinder has seen to that.

What’s not so easy, though, is knowing what to suggest so you don’t appear to a) have notions, b) have a terminal lack of creativitiy, or c) a tendency to gravitate towards booze when all other options evade you.

So here’s our updated list of the Top 10 first-date spots in Dublin…

10. Glasnevin Cemetery

Okay, so it might sound a bit weird when you ask your date if they want to come to a huge site in North Dublin that houses the remains of more than one million lost souls… but if you and/or your date are history geeks, this is pure gold.


9. Natural History Museum

Like Glasnevin, but with dead animals instead of dead people.

8. Dublin Zoo

So, that ‘death’ theme isn’t working out for you, eh? Well the zoo is just like the Natural History Museum, only the animals are actually still alive.

Sure, it costs a little extra – because apparently living animals consume far more food and require more minding than dead ones – but if you’re into living organisms then this is the place for you.


7. Your own private cinema

This may be a bit of a presumptuous invitation, but if you really want to knock their socks off then why not book out a private cinema for just the two of you? It’s pricier than a trip to Swan, but it’s not as expensive as you might think if you try this place.


6. Liffey kayaking

See the city from a whole new perspective, and experience the feeling of being absolutely irredeemably stuck if you run out of conversation after 10 minutes.

5. Mini-golf

What better way to charm your date than by showing your competitive side, and crushing them mercilessly by way of showing off your natural athleticism? Or you could actually get your arse handed to you on a plate, and pretend you let them win.

Either way, mini-golf is a safe bet.


4. The wall

If you thought being stuck on the Liffey was bad, try being half-way up a climbing wall. Still, this is a great way to do a bit of showing off, have a bit of fun, and have plenty to talk about afterwards.


3. Any restaurant on this list

It’s so obvious it hardly deserves to be here, but hey. This is Lovin Dublin, after all.


2. Blackrock Market

A creative twist on the foodie theme, this allows you to wander freely, eat where you like, and chat casually along the way without feeling under pressure to get hammered. Perfect.


1. Adventure Rooms

You won’t find a better first date in Dublin – the aim is to use a series of clues, hints and puzzles to escape a locked room. Though again, you’d really have to earn some serious trust before you ask someone to pop into a darkened, sealed area with you for 60 minutes.

Nonetheless, this game is fun, it’s challenging, it invites teamwork and the feeling when/if you finally escape is second to none.


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