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20th Jan 2022

‘Devastated to be moving from my Fade Street home’ – small Irish business moves online as city makes way for yet another hotel

Fiona Frawley

Shop Front with "The Kind - Sustainable Lifestyle Store" written on the window - books, candles and sustainable products on display

We’re sensing a pattern here.

The owner of Irish lifestyle store The Kind has announced she’s made the difficult decision to move her business exclusively online, as the building currently housing her Fade Street store is set to be turned into – wait for it – another hotel.

In an emotional post on Instagram, Sheelin of The Kind wrote:

The building on Fade Street is due to be developed into a hotel, I knew that from the start but hoped maybe things would change. Having no security with my lease, coupled with the uncertainty around covid, makes it really difficult to continue to run the retail store so I’ve decided to move entirely online.

She lamented that the closing of her physical store also means losing her “wonderful team”.

The Kind, which stocks everything from clothing to cleaning products from over 100 small businesses will now move to exclusively trading online.

Seeing successful, locally owned businesses intrinsic to the cultural landscape of Dublin being forced to make way for hotels is sadly a pattern we’ve been seeing repeated over the last few years. The independent stores, bars and cultural venues we’ve unwillingly said goodbye to in recent times are the heart of the city, and as many have said before me – you’d have to wonder who’d be booking a hotel to visit Dublin without them here.

Those looking to support The Kind can continue to do so ONLINE.

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