The Lazy Daisy café to relocate as they close Royal Canal location

By Katy Thornton

May 23, 2022 at 11:43am


When one door closes, another one opens.


It's a sad day for the people of Phibsborough. Local favourite café The Lazy Daisy took to Instagram over the weekend to share that they were saying goodbye to Royal Canal Bank. The takeaway coffee shop initially popped up in March 2021, serving their customers acai bowls, sambos, and salads, as well as a range of coffees and other hot beverages. Their last day open was Sunday the 22nd May, just over a year from their launch in Phibsborough.

However, it's not all bad news. Put that box of tissues away, because while The Lazy Daisy have closed their Royal Canal Bank location, they do plan to relocate and expand in the city centre.


In their Instagram caption they say this:

"We are expanding and will be relocating in the heart of Dublin City Centre, This is huge for us, we will have in and outdoor dining areas with a full breakfast,Lunch,Brunch & wine menu."

So not only will we get a new café, there will be dining space as well tons more food and drink options. And while we are sorry for the locals of Royal Canal Bank for losing this gem, we're very excited to see where The Lazy Daisy pops up in the future.

No word so far on where exactly Lazy Daisy plans to relocate, but we'll keep our eyes peeled on their socials for an update.


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