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05th Mar 2018

Almost 1,000 People Are Planning To Gather At The Spire To Say “Wow” Like Owen Wilson

Megan Cassidy

Okay, first port of call here is to educate anyone who is not aware of the phenomenon that is actor Owen Wilson’s “wow”. 

This video is compulsory viewing, and will enlighten you. 

Now that that’s out of the way, you might like to know that what started as a joke event in Dublin inspired by Owen’s ‘wow’ may now actually end up being real. Very real. 

A Facebook event titled ‘Saying “Wow” like Owen Wilson at The Spire’ has gotten the attention of over 1,000 users who are going or interested in going.

The event is scheduled for March 30 at 5pm and invites you to ‘Pay homage to one of cinemas greats by saying one of his most loved and infamous phrases at The Spire in Dublin. 

Owen Wilson Facebook Page

The creators are taken aback by the massive interest in the group, with organiser Courtney Boyce writing ‘We made this event as a joke last night and now with nearly 1000 people going I think we have to follow through and make this happen ????????’ 

Owen Facebook Post

Anyone else getting a distinctly Project X vibe about this whole scenario? 

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