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15th Aug 2022

Playground reopens in D6 with communications board and other facilities

Fiona Frawley

toy Wooden Ship with slide & climbing ropes in playground

The playground reopened today after being closed for upgrading works.

Belgrave Square playground in Rathmines has reopened with the addition of a communications board for children and adults who are either pre-verbal or non-verbal, and/or have communication difficulties.

A Communication board usually includes picture representations of day to day core words, as well as images that are specifically tailored for the environment and the location for which it is proposed (in this case, the playground), with an aim to help bridge the communication gap for those visiting.

Image via Twitter/Dublin City Council 

In June 2021, an initiative to install communication boards in 26 playgrounds throughout County Meath was undertaken by Meath County Council and Facebook’s Clonee Data Centre. At the time, Community Development Manager at Facebook Aoife Flynn said the boards “represent and offer a unique opportunity for the community to communicate and connect with each other in a new way”. 

Similar boards have also been installed in playgrounds in Monaghan, Kerry and other parts of Dublin City.

In a comment under the post by DCC, community page Maynooth Access Group welcomed the addition of the communications board and enquired about other facilities such as a wheelchair swings, wheelchair roundabouts and  sensory play areas.

Lovin have reached out to DCC for comment regarding additional facilities at the playground.

Header image via Twitter/DCC

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