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20th Oct 2021

Swap a book for a pint at this Dublin 7 pub!

Fiona Frawley

This one goes out to anyone with an impressive sports book collection at home.

Or even anyone with one sports book that they’ve enjoyed, and would now like to pass it onto a fellow fan in exchange for a pinteen.

The Back Page in Phibsboro are relaunching their Book Club, and are looking to expand their sports section. To help top up their numbers, they’re offering free pints in exchange for sports books for the rest of this year. It’s old school bartering at its finest, and we’re here for it. One swap permitted per customer, and the book has to be in good nick. No torn out pages or hand written hot takes in the margins about how you feel maybe Roy Keane and Alex Ferguson could put their differences aside. Actually, maybe that’d add an extra layer to KEANE: The Autobiography. Who knows, tbh.

If you’ve sports books going a begging with a bit of life in them still, get yourself down to the Back Page between now and New Years. And, if you’re into that kind of thing, you might be interested in the talk they have scheduled for Thursday November 4th as part of their book club. Ciarán Priestly, author of A History of Bohemian FC and some of the clubs most influential players will talk about the history of Bohs and its connection to the history of Dublin City and Irish sports in general. Not to be missed!

Header image via Instagram/the_back_page 

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