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10th Mar 2018

5 Deadly Places You Can Get Brunch In Dublin On Easter Sunday

Alana Laverty

Forget your chocolate Easter eggs — all we want today are eggs Benedict! 

So, praise the Lord — these five places are for sure open Easter Sunday serving brunch. 


1. Taco Taco

One of our all-time favourite Mexican joints in Dublin.

If you’ve always been meaning to try this place, make Easter Sunday the day that you finally take the plunge. 

Few cocktails — be grand!

2. The Lucky Tortoise — The Hill, Ranelagh

If you’re looking for something a lil less traditional and a lil bit lucky then The Lucky Tortoise is what you need in your life. 

We’ve raaaaaved about them before — so now you must take it upon yourself to finally go and try their delish Asian Dim Sum!

3. Whitefriar Grill — Whitefriar Street 

Whitefriar Grill would never screw us over by being closed on a Sunday. Thank God. 

They’ll always be there for our brunch needs — and for that we shall be eternally grateful. 

4. Five Points — Harold’s Cross 

Ok, ok, ok. 

We know we’ve been mentioning these guys A LOT lately. But until you try Five Points for yourself, you honestly just can’t complain about our obsession with them. 

It’s THAT good. 

5. Nice ‘n’ Cheesy 

The grilled cheese gods will be operating business as usual in Herbert Park on Easter Sunday from 10am. 

Exactly what you need to soak up all the alcohol left in your tummy from the night before. 

These guys will have you right as rain in no time. 

Happy Easter, folks. 

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