The 5 Best Takeaway Pizzas You Should Be Ordering This Sunday Evening

Pizza makes the world a better place

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Pizza is one of life's greatest offerings. Dough, tomatoes, mozzarella and any topping you could ever want.

It's just fucking incredible when you think about it. Note my passion – it's true love. 

And no, there is nothing wrong with eating pizza in bed, you champ. 

Here's five unreal places to grab a beyond decent pizza. 

1. Apis – Osteria Lucio

The pizzas from this place are life-changing.


They come out piping hot, so if you can't manage to get that takeaway home fast enough we would advise eating on the sidewalk outside. They also have the perfect ratios of tomato to dough to cheese to toppings and you don't feel guilty afterwards.

They're that good. 


2. Isabella – Da Mimmo

We have praised Da Mimmo highly, and there's a mighty good reason.

This pizza is as authentic as Italian food gets in Dublin. 

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3. The DPC – Dublin Pizza Company 

These guys in their tiny little kitchen sure know how to cook a serious pizza.

They use Dingle Whiskey cured salami – enough said. 

Honestly you won't be disappointed with a single pizza on their menu. 

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4. Margherita – Cirillo's

We've all heard about the Carbonara pizza, but Cirillio's Margherita is the true winner. 

You can always judge a pizzeria on how good their Margherita is and these guys have done a superb job. From their tomato sauce to the mozzarella – it's all just perfection. 


5. Diablo – Base

Easy, quick and absolutely divine – Base is the perfect thing to bring home as a treat this lovely Saturday evening. 

You can get a 13" pizza with a salad and two drinks for €22.50. Not too shabby.


Enjoy your carbs, you deserve 'em. 

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Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav