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20th Dec 2016

6 Dublin Food And Drink Spots That You Probably Haven’t Tried Yet


Discovering new stuff is just the best. We all know this.

Whether it’s a place that just opened its doors, or somewhere that’s been knocking about for years but you’ve never got around to checking out, there’s just nothing like adding a new spot to the repertoire. And bragging to all your friends about how you were first to know, obviously.

So every Friday, we stick together a list of places you can check out over the coming weekend. Some are brand new, some are old guard – but all are deadly, and well worth the trip.

1. Klaw

It’s tiny, it’s not cheap (lobster shouldn’t be), but good lord it’s fucking excellent. Go try it.


2. Sweet Republic

If these pictures don’t make you want to visit Sweet Republic, it’s probably not the place for you.

Also, you have no soul.

Opens Saturday at Decobake on Bachelor’s Walk.


3. Bronze

A friend of mine tried to head here during the week, but couldn’t get in; colour me intrigued.

It’s located on Baggot Street (just beside that really awkward intersection with Pembroke Street where nobody really knows what the hell is going on) and the cocktail menu looks pretty sensational.


4. Cocu

Chances are you’ve heard of this healthy eating spot on Upper Baggot Street, but if you don’t live or work in the immediate area you’ve not yet got around to trying it – I live just around the corner, but only had my first experience there a week ago.

Well, if you’re knocking about the south city over the weekend, and you start to feel peckish, then let this place spring to mind.


5. Chameleon

You’d almost miss this place, sitting on one of the side streets leading from Temple Bar to the quays. But our reviewer Sarah Cahalan was suitably impressed when she checked it out recently, and that girl knows her shizz.



What do you MEAN you still haven’t tried Scandin-Asian fusion?

You’ll have walked past this place dozens of times, due to its location on the site of the old Dragon bar on George’s St. But now’s the time to take the plunge…