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30th Jul 2019

7 Beaut Places To Eat Outdoors On A Sunny Day In Dublin

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Nothing makes Dublin more special than a bit of sunshine.

The sun is here at last and as it gets warmer it’s absolutely essential that you grab some lunch outdoors to soak up those rays (armed with sun cream, of course).

So with that in mind, here are seven great places to eat outdoors in our little city.

7. Taphouse Roofgarden

You really have to sit on this rooftop terrace to understand just how good it is. Not only do they have good food and nice beers, but the elevated vantage point makes it an amazing spot for people watching.

You can sit up here creeping without people even knowing you are there.


6. Little Ass Burrito

So this one involves grabbing a burrito in the wonderful Little Ass Burrito on Dawson Street and taking it over to one of the most beautiful parks in the world, St Stephen’s Green.

You won’t be the only one in the park on a sunny day as every blade of grass is taken up, but you can eat your burrito and look at all the other pale Irish people somehow managing to get sunburnt in March.


5. Mayfield

This little gem is a bit off the beaten track in Terenure, but if you have a bit of time it’s the perfect place to grab some lunch and lap up some rays.


4. Marco Pierre White on Dawson Street

One of the best known chefs in the world serves up decent steak and brasserie food on Dawson Street. Usually a little pricey, but when the sun comes out and the canopy goes back you could do way worse than sitting here watching the world go by.


3. Phoenix Park Tea Rooms

Again, maybe one that’s a bit out of the way for those working in the city centre, but with the sun shining and wildlife all over the place there’s nothing nicer than a cup of tea and a little snack in here before walking around or just loving life in the park.


2. Octopussy Tapas in Howth

Another trek, but when I think of sun, I think of Howth. The little seaside ‘village’ feels like the south of France when the sun shines. Famous for its fish, you could pick any one of its cafés, but the tapas and casual seating outside Octopussy is the only place to be. Incredible.


1. Poulet Bonne Femme in Trinity

We once voted this the best sandwich in Dublin, but you can take it to a whole new level on a sunny day and eat it al fresco in Trinity College. This experience is Dublin summed up in a nutshell for me.


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