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22nd Sep 2020

Changes introduced to Temple Bar to ensure safe outdoor dining and social distancing

James Fenton

Starting from today, bollards will be in place in Temple Bar to ensure in order to facilitate outdoor dining and social distancing.

The Temple Bar Company and Dublin City Council have installed bollards within the pedestrian zones of the area after Dublin entered risk level 3 of Covid-19 restrictions last week. The rules, which will be in place until at least October 9, prohibit indoor dining and only allow for a maximum of 15 people in a pub or restaurant’s outdoor area.

The bollards in Temple Bar were installed this morning and will in place between 11am and 6am each day…

Some commuter and pedestrian campaign groups have noted that the Temple Bar pedestrianised zones have been routinely ignored by motorists but the new bollards will put an end to that…

(header pic: Shutterstock)

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