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12th Jul 2020

Council to consider monthly car-free day along with several other proposals

James Fenton

A monthly car-free day in the city centre is one of a number of motions being put forward at tomorrow’s Dublin City Council meeting.

Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has put forward a motion that the ‘City Council agrees to implement a monthly car-free day to promote Dublin City Centre as a destination for visitors.’ As well as that, Councillor Dermot Lacey ‘agrees that it would be desirable to close that part of Custom House Quay immediately in front of the Custom House to vehicular traffic on Saturdays and Sundays for a trial period of one year to see if it could provide a new civic amenity space.’ A similar plan was approved by then-housing Minister Eoghan Murphy back in March.

Other proposals to be discussed include one by Councillor Claire Byrne which suggests: ‘this Council agrees to implement a Night Mayor for Dublin City as soon as possible, which is a key cultural objective of the new Dublin City Agreement.’

Councillor Caroline Conroy, meanwhile, wants to ‘put CCTV in Parks in Dublin North West Area in particular, Albert College, Griffith Park due to the high number of robberies with assaults of bikes from young people by gangs with weapons.’

All of these motions and more will be discussed at the Dublin City Council meeting scheduled to take place on Monday. You can view the full list of motions here.