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16th Sep 2020

Dublin City Council issues update on Strand Road cycle route trial

James Fenton

Dublin City Council has closed the consultation process for the planned cycle route trial on Strand Road in Sandymount.

Last month, DCC approved plans for a new two-way cycle route along Strand Road in Sandymount and they have now confirmed that their consultation process received over 2,500 submissions before closing.

If it goes ahead, the cycle route trial from Merrion Gates to Sean Moore Road will last for six months and will see the inbound traffic lane between Merrion Gates and Marine Drive removed. It is added that ‘the scheme will involve minimal civil works and will be installed to allow for localised changes or removal if required.’

The key points of DCC’s plan for Strand Road are as follows:

  • This scheme will substantially reduce Traffic volumes on the Strand road for the duration of the trial, only 10% of traffic on Strand Road is locally generated and so a substantial amount of through traffic will be removed as well as HGVs and LGVs.
  • 2.6 km of 2 way continuous protected cycle route would be provided between Merrion gates and Sean Moore Rd. Linkages to the routes towards the DLRCC cycle routes and into the city centre will also be advanced if the trial goes ahead.
  • 2 way traffic will remain between Sean Moore Rd and Marine Drive to allow the number 18 bus route to remain as is.
  • Between Marine Drive and Merrion Gates there will be one outbound lane of traffic. The traffic lane will use what is currently the inbound lane with the cycle route on the coast side
  • The No 1 and No 47 bus routes will use Gilford Road.
  • The existing sea front car parks will remain as is.
  • A right turn from Merrion Gates onto the Merrion Road will be put in place to facilitate access towards the  city
  • No changes on the Merrion Rd are proposed the existing turn bans etc. on Merrion Road remain in place.
  • The Bus only right turn inbound remains in place at the Merrion Road Ailesbury Road junction.

It has also been confirmed that the trial has been deferred to January 2021. More information can be found here.

(header pic: Dublin City Council)

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