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15th Sep 2020

Dublin restaurant nominated for Best Luxury Steakhouse in the World award

Rory Cashin

The city centre restaurant has been singled out for their amazing steaks.

As the name might suggest, the World Luxury Restaurant Awards are big, fancy deal. They are “a recognised global organisation which inspires excellence, ignites healthy competition in the luxury restaurant industry, and provides restaurants with the recognition they deserve”, as their official website informs us, so being nominated for these awards is pretty significant.

They have recently announced the 2020 nominees, and happy news for Dubliners (or anyone who loves steak and is up for a trip to the capital), but one Dublin restaurant has been nominated for Best Luxury Steakhouse in the World award!

FIRE Steakhouse & Bar, which can be found at The Mansion House on Dawson Street, is celebrating being a part of the heart of the city for 15 years this year, and we’re guessing they’ll be celebrating in style with this award nomination.

Coincidentally, FIRE Steakhouse & Bar in Dublin is up against another restaurant in the same category which happens to be called FIRE Grill & Bar (with the capitals and everything), but that one is in Indonesia.

If you’d like to vote for FIRE (the Irish one) or any of the other worldwide restaurants up for the Luxury Awards, you can head to their homepage and follow the instructions to support your nomination.