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14th Sep 2018

Great News – Dublin’s Most Famous Dog Was Reunited With Their Famous Owner After He Went Missing

Darragh Berry

You may remember us talking about this dog owner who was cruising down Rathmines with his pooch on his back.

The dog is a superstar among the Dublin people and is renowned for just being the coolest doggo in the city.

People have said about Mein Zai that the dog looks “as a cucumber and super composed. Like he was born to ride.”

“I don’t think dogs will ever reach peak cool, pure boss.”

So, when Dublin’s most famous dog went missing earlier this week, the whole of Dublin was heartbroken.

Land Loxi was desperately trying to get the famous Zai back and was even willing to offer a “substantial” reward to anyone who found him.

Zai is a very special dog and only responds to Mandarin as the old owners were chinese.

But great news, the white, seven-year-old dog was “REUNITED with owner.”

We’re delighted.

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