PIC: This Single Tweet About One Particular Killer Dublin Phrase Is Going Insanely Viral

Apparently you can use this as a reply to any question or statement, always.

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For years, we were getting away with saying 'are ya serious' or 'you're messing' but people started copping on that we really had no reply to what they just said so we had to mix it up a bit.

'Aw stop' or 'ah shtop' if you're from the west like I am, has become the new power phrase that can literally answer any question or statement that is thrown your way.

As this tweeter points out, whether someone's dog has died or you're talking about the 7-goal thriller over the weekend, 'ah stop' works for every situation.

"In Dublin u can literally reply 'aw stop' to anything like, works shite isn’t it?? Aw stop, it’s bitter out isn’t it?? Aw stop, ur nanny has some pair of tits?? Aw stop."

To be fair though, if someone tells you that your gran has a whopper set on her, we don't know if 'aw stop' will cut it.

This tweet was posted on Thursday and has already been liked nearly 4k times and retweeted loads.

Someone chimed in saying that 'Sure ya know yourself' is a personal favourite of theirs and we have to agree that it's nearly as powerful as 'aw stop' but just not up there.

Honourable mention has to go to 'sure, look it' which is also a key phrase in getting you out of an awkward spot.

Anymore phrases like that, that you love using? Hit us up in the comment section.

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