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16th Aug 2018

VIDEO: Man On Bike Cruising Down Dublin Street With Dog On His Back

Darragh Berry

Personally, I wouldn’t feel confident enough to cycle down Dublin with even a bag on my back.

It’s just too busy for me and I’d much rather use my feet or hop in the car before I’d succumb to cycling.

However, the more you ride, the more skilled on the bike you’d become so it’s no surprise that this Dublin rider feels that they can carry their animal friend on their back as they go.

The footage – which is shared on this Reddit Thread here – shows the biker effortlessly cycle down what seems to be a road in Rathmines while the dog looks “as a cucumber and super composed. Like he was born to ride.”

Another commenter said that “I don’t think dogs will ever reach peak cool,” before adding that the dog was looking “boss.”

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