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03rd Jul 2020

Dublin restaurateur hits out at no-shows after 13 people fail to arrive after booking

James Fenton

Oliver Dunne of Bon Appetit has hit out at people who have failed to show up after booking tables at the Malahide Restaurant.

Bon Appetit, part of the Oliver Dunne Restaurant Group opened its doors earlier this week after being closed for over three months due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, like other venues in Dublin this week, the restaurant is having to deal with multiple no-shows with people deciding to stay away even after confirming their bookings.

Oliver Dunne himself took to Twitter last night to express his displeasure, writing ‘For over three months Bon Appetit has been closed. Seating capacity has now dropped by 30% due to social distancing. And still, four people last night and nine people tonight didn’t show after confirming their tables earlier in the day.’

Yesterday, city centre spot Las Tapas de Lola also took to social media to plead with people to show ‘a bit of courtesy’ by showing up after they’ve booked. The Bank on College Green, meanwhile, said that ‘we’re an industry on our knees and the constant cancellations and no-shows are very frustrating and damaging.’

This appears to be an ongoing issue in Dublin since the beginning of phase 3 on Monday saw pubs and restaurants invite customers back after three long months. While it’s possible that some are apprehensive about heading out into the world again, the least they could do is phone ahead if they don’t plan to turn up or, as Las Tapas de Lola said yesterday, ‘even five minutes after your supposed arrival time.’

Let’s hope this behaviour improves over the coming weeks.

(header pic: @bonappetitmalahide on Instagram)