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24th Jun 2020

Grogans announce they will be taking card payments for the first time

Sarah Finnan


“The days of ‘Only Johnny Cash’ are behind us.”

Anyone who has ever been to Grogan’s will know the struggle of getting to the bar only to be told that they don’t accept card. One of the city’s busiest pubs, there was often a longer queue for the ATM than there was for the bar but it sounds like that will be a thing of the past as they’ll be taking card payments going forward.

Due to reopen on July 20th, the pub has been closed since March 14. A post to their Twitter account reads:

“As we prepare for our new normal, the days of ‘Only Johnny Cash’ are behind us. This sight may be disturbing to quite a few, including us, but the safety of our staff and customers going forward is our priority. Thus, from 20th July, we will be accepting card payments at Grogans.”

That’s not to say that they won’t take cash, just that customers will have the option to pay with card should they so prefer – an option many are likely to choose given that contactless payment is considered to be the more hygienic option at the moment.

Grogans also announced that they’ll be giving out free toasties from the door tomorrow at 1pm. Positively famous for their toasted sambos, one could say that this is the GOAT when it comes to free food news.

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