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18th May 2021

Lord Mayor proposes curfew for Portobello Plaza

James Fenton

Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has said that she proposed a curfew of 10pm for people socialising at Portobello Plaza.

Portobello Plaza was fenced off over the weekend, with Dublin City Council citing ‘unacceptable behaviour’ that took place there in recent weeks. DCC said that ‘up to a thousand people have congregated in the area on recent weekends, without due regard for Covid-19 restrictions. The associated anti-social behaviour is having a hugely detrimental effect on both the local community and the environment.’

Lord Mayor Hazel Chu has now told FM104 that a consultation will begin on the future of the area, with a curfew one of the potential outcomes. She said that she had already proposed a curfew to Gardaí and that “it could be 10 o’clock or a little bit earlier, or a little bit later, but in consultation with the residents.

“It is a residential area, but there is a public plaza there. We would also want to make sure there were proper facilities in place.”

Residents of the area were consulted before last weekend’s decision to close to plaza. However, many felt that doing so takes away a social outlet for what the Government hopes will be an “outdoor summer.”

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