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23rd Sep 2019

New Service Tells DART Commuters Exactly How Crowded Their Trains Are Every Morning

James Fenton

Anyone who gets the DART to work or college will know just how busy it can get in the mornings. Finding a seat is pretty much the holy grail and cosying up to a stranger while standing up isn’t exactly uncommon.

Things are set to get even busier with students returning to college and to combat this, Irish Rail has launched a new service which will allow commuters to see which trains are busier than others. will let users pick out the station they want info about and they will then be told which trains are busier and which are quieter. As an example, getting on at Raheny at 7.13 am will be a bit more comfortable than getting on at 7.33 am. Good to know.

It’s all part of a move aimed at encouraging DART users to stagger their morning journeys, thus reducing the levels of overcrowding.

It remains to be seen where the initiative will be a success, particularly as most people aren’t in a position to alter their starting times for work. However, if you are able to be a bit more flexible, you can check out for yourself here.

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