7 Places To Get A Drink In Dublin When You Don't Want To Be Seen

A few quiet pints after work, anyone?

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We all want a bit of peace and quiet every now and then. But that's harder to find in this city than you'd think. 

Should you be in the mood to have a few private drinks without bumping into people you know, we know just the places.

You're more than welcome.

1. The Square Ball 

A little outside of the city centre, this place serves unreal food – not your typical pub grub.

They've an enormous range of cool beers on tap – a serious hideaway.

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2. The Slipper

This spot out in Glasnevin, once known as Matt Weldons, is nice and reclusive.

And the drink ain't 'spense either. 

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3. Johny Rush's 

A central, and extremely cheap, spot.

Hide yourself away in the back of this South William Street bar with a €20 bottle of prosecco and you'll be laughin'.


4. VCC

The Vintage Cocktail Club is so dark that you won't know your arse from your elbow.

Just blow out the candle on your table, sink back into your chair and be a fly on the wall.

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5. P. Mac's

Book a booth and you'll never be seen through the pleated glass.

Probably the coolest way to drink undercover in Dublin

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6. The Temple Bar

Is so filled with tourists that the likelihood of you actually seeing someone you know is quite slim.

Give it a go.

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7. The Garage

This little spot in Temple Bar is ideal, especially if you end up running into someone in The Temple Bar and need to make a quick getaway. 

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Go forth and be anonymous.

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