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20th Dec 2016

Here Are 10 Drinks To Order In Dublin When You’re Not Drinking


Choosing not to drink on an evening out in Dublin can be a tough.

But have no fear – there are several tasty options out there to sip on, while remaining social.

Because your choice to be sober deserves more than just a sparkling water.

Enjoy one of these delightful non-alcoholic bevs. The best part is – no hangover in the morning.

1. Saba – Sinh To Bo

For all you avocado lovers, here’s a Vietnamese shake with fresh avocado.

Pair it with a Thai food dish here, and you’re golden.

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2. Coppinger Row – Homemade Raspberry Lemonade

Even Beyoncé has been to this spot during Dublin visit. Coppinger Row serves up three fresh lemonade flavours – raspberry, mint and elderflower.

Defo give these a go with your feast.

3. Wagamama – Blueberry Spice Juice

Wagama serve up an array of delicious juices – fresh, healthy and clean.

The Blueberry Spice Juice blends blueberry, apple and carrot with a taste of ginger, and it’s very impressive. Have one this evening in place of a cocktail.

4. The Exchequer – The Virgin Popper

The Exchequer serves up this dazzling creation made of equal parts cranberry juice and apple juice with a dash of strawberry puree. It’s shaken over ice with fresh mint, and garnished with fresh strawberry.

I’ll take five, please.

Virgin Popper Exchequer

5. Anything At Farrier and Draper

This cocktail bar has an extensive list of cocktails to choose from. Ask any of the bartenders to fix up one of their tasty choices on the menu – virgin style.

Or, create your own. The options are endless.

6. Fade Street Social – Mojito

Everyone loves a mojito, and this place do them particularly well. The delightful combination of mint, sugar, lime juice and sugar water makes this bev just as nice without the rum.

Fade Street serve virgin mojitos on the reg – join the movement!

7. Whitefriar Grill – L’Orange Virgin Cocktail

This tangy mix of orange chunks, fresh orange juice, 7up, Grenadine and wedges of lime is to-die-for. Find it here.

Looks just like a fancy cocktail, but perfect for those nights you’re not lushin’.


8. The Shelbourne – Frozen Strawberry

Who knew The Shelbourne had a stellar mocktail menu? No need to be on the lush to get drinks with friends at this finer establishment.

Order up one of these for a delicious boost.

Bottoms up.

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