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Coppinger Row

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I barely need to write this review because if you know anything about food you could look at the pictures and figure out that this was a culinary experience of the highest order. This was lunch on a Saturday during the Christmas period where restaurants have a tendency to fire out any old shit en masse to boost their coffers but despite Coppinger Row being packed to the rafters with Christmas shoppers this was a meal of the highest standard and quite simply some of the best food I’ve ever eaten in Dublin. Too often amazing food is spoiled by poor service but this meal was complete perfection with the floor staff’s attention to detail meaning I left the place with a pep in my step thinking I’d got a great deal for my 35 Euro lunch. To be honest they won me over when the waitress saw me working on my laptop and offered to find a power socket without me even asking. It’s little things like that that make you earn big tips.

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