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01st Feb 2021

One of the best pink gins we’ve ever tasted is made and sold by one Dublin pub

Rory Cashin

Perfect for anyone making cocktails at home this February.

Still shining their Christmas decorations brightly (and they will be for some time yet), I dropped into the Hole in the Wall for a coffee over the weekend, and got chatting to the staff and managers there how things are going for the famous pub during lockdown.

I soon learned that the folk behind the pub, the McCaffery family, are also behind a range of alcohols that is sold within the pub (to be taken home or ordered online and consumed, while lockdown is still happening).

Everything from whiskeys to vodkas to their own draught IPAs is on their “home-made” (kind of) menu, and having lived beside the Phoenix Park for the last fifty years or so, they actually also go foraging in the park itself for ingredients and inspiration for their range of spirits and beers.

One of the products that immediately caught my eye was a colourful bottle of their pink gin, which they said was a relatively new arrival. As someone who is always looking to try new things, I decided I also needed to try this out.

Normally, pink gin wouldn’t be my favourite, as it usually skews too sweet for me, but this one was different, much fresher, less sugary sweet and more fruity sweet, mixed with some earthy spiciness too, making a much more refreshing drink.

It is, in short, the best pink gin I’ve ever tasted, and it is made and sold by this one Dublin pub, and you can either head to the pub yourself and pick up a bottle, or head to their website here to order some.

If you’re looking for a bit more info on the pink gin itself, here is what the makers have to say about it:

“A unique recipe blend of juniper, lemon and spices. Its vibrant pink hue is reminiscent of the abundance of wild strawberries and raspberries that grow in hedgerows of the locality.”

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