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24th Jan 2021

Dublin pub leaving up Christmas decorations until the end of lockdown

Rory Cashin

“We’ve had so many people thank us for leaving them up.”

If you’ve been going for your 5km walks through the Phoenix Park lately, then chances are you’ve noticed a bit of a blinding light on the horizon, and as you make your way towards it, you’ll see it is a huge Christmas tree, still up, lights still on.

Pop through the hole in the wall, and you’ll come face to face with, well, the Hole in the Wall, the famous Castleknock pub which has pivoted into a bit of a boutique store while the Level 5 restrictions are in place, with the now almost constantly busy Dash Container Coffee spot located right beside it.

We’re now closing in on the end of January, and the Christmas decorations are still up in all of their glory, so we had to ask them one simple question: Why?

“So many people have told us that they really enjoy that the decorations are still up,” a manager for the pub told Lovin Dublin. “We’ve had people come in and thank us for staying open, so they have somewhere to go every day and get their coffee and buy a few things.”

We have to agree, it is a fantastic sight to see, sure to put a smile on anyone’s face who stands outside and enjoys the constantly blinking lights, or inside, which is equally decked out in huge amounts of decorations. Is there any plan to take them down any time soon?

“The general consensus is we’ll take them down once the lockdown is lifted. Until then, we think it is just a little bit of brightness for people to enjoy as they walk by” the manager told us, and with that lockdown now likely not going to be lifted before the end of February, those within the 5km of the pub will still have at least a few more weeks to check them out.

With President Michael D. Higgins also leaving up some of the lights at Áras an Uachtaráin, then the folks at the Hole in the Wall are in some very good company indeed.

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