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02nd Jul 2018

PIC: Pantibliss Receives Greatest Gift Following Brick Incident In Pantibar’s Window

Darragh Berry

The Pantibar was attacked on Friday night after a brick was thrown in the window that had a homophobic message attached.

Owner Rory O’ Neill AKA Pantibliss took to Instagram to share the picture which said: “FAIRIES (fags) OUT OF IRELAND” in Irish.

Since the incident, fans have been coming to Pantibliss’ side to show their support and have edit the message on the rock to say such things like: “Stand in awe of all Piteoga (fairies).”

Pantibliss took to Social Media again on Monday morning to show off her lovely little “fairy” gift that she received following the attack.

“We are loving our adorable (bespoke ????????) Pantibar fairy door. Thanks @IrishFairyDoor! Now to decide where the fairies would like to live in this bar for fairies…”

Fairy and proud and ready to show it off to the world with this new door. The perfect way to respond to the haters.

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