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20th Nov 2019

Plans to replace Leap cards with contactless payments outlined by NTA

Darragh Murphy

Leap cards

Leap cards could be replaced with contactless payments in the coming years.

The National Transport Authority has outlined the plans to introduce a new Next Generation Ticketing system which will see the Leap card replaced by Account Based Ticketing.

In a detailed market consultation document, the NTA notes that “the second biggest source of bus delays, after traffic congestion, is the payment process at bus stops.”

It has been suggested that even passengers with Leap cards can cause delays on journeys due to the complexity of stages and a frequent need to interact with bus drivers.

It’s believed that an Account Based Ticketing will streamline the process of boarding public transport services and cut down delays.

As part of their plans, the NTA intends to allow for the use of contactless debit and credit cards, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The NTA is also looking into the possibility of a ‘Be-in Be-Out’ based on bluetooth or location-based technologies which would mean no need for a physical card validation process.

To make the implementation easier, fare changes will come in the form of a 90-minute multi-modal system whereby passengers can combine public transport services on their journey.

The Authority is expected to commence the process to tender for a supplier or suppliers early next year.