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PIC: These Two Posters Are Causing Havoc At Leeson Street Junction

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It’s hard to walk a couple of feet here in Dublin without coming across a poster about the upcoming referendum about the eight amendment.

Repeal it, don’t repeal it, vote yes, vote no, you can expect to see even more and more of these posters going up before the voting actually takes place.

It is not unusual to see a ‘Yes’ poster beside a ‘No’ poster and this is what has happened on Leeson Street but the posters are causing a good bit of hassle to motorists, cyclists and even pedestrians. 

The posters are situated on a pole which is right beside a set of traffic lights and both are blocking the traffic lights meaning people have been “running red lights” all day.

Poster Leeson Street 2

Reddit user WhitePowerRangerBill posted the picture on the site and asked the public who they could pass the picture on to so that they could be removed for dangerous traffic reasons.

They said that: “Mightn’t be immediately obvious from the angle but cars can’t see the lights at all until they’re 5 or 6 feet away from them. I’ve already seen one car take a left through a red because they couldn’t see them (or because he couldn’t give a shit but the poster still shouldn’t be there).”

This is not the first time that posters from the referendum have made headlines. Graphic, “shocking” and “obscene” photos have been spotted in Dublinand Corksince the start of 2018.

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