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08th Oct 2021

Spending the night with Stauntons On The Green

Rory Cashin

Hidden in plain sight at one of the busiest hubs of the city.

When you think of Stephen’s Green, you think of one of the busiest areas in all of Dublin.

The park itself is usually overrun all year round, with either sunbathers in the warmer months, or those enjoying the dazzling array of colour during the colder months.

Then the surrounding streets are usually overflowing – pandemic notwithstanding – with pedestrians: Grafton Street, Baggot Street, Leeson Street, Harcourt Street all bleed out from the central park.

So it came as quite the surprise that directly facing Stephen’s Green was this hotel, full of red-brick dignity and quiet reserve. Staunton’s On The Green is right in the middle of the Dublin City Centre, and yet you’ll feel like you’ve ducked behind some invisible barrier.

Our room, directly facing out to to the Green itself, with the window’s open all night, was never a source of noise. As we entered the room, one of the lovely staff  members told us that during winter, when all leaves have fallen from the trees, you can see right from one side of the park to the other.

An always changing painting, right outside your room.

During the night’s stay, the description that comes to mind, for lack of a better term, is “The Merrion vibes”. The external, lowkey aesthetic, mixed with the classy, elegant interior design really bring to mind Dublin’s famous five-star stay.

The small reception gives way to rooms and rooms of comfortable seating for your evenings in or your morning’s breakfast; a full menu is available for that first meal of the day, and while I was more than happy with my Full Irish, every other offering that arrived for other diners filled me with buyer’s remorse! I wanted them all!

Out back there is a long garden, complete with actual chandeliers hanging from the huge trees overhead, which seems to find its way to face a hidden corner of the Iveagh Gardens.

Up in the room, you’re greeted with high ceilings and plush furniture. Our room – a Deluxe Double – had beautiful, light-filling windows, with a mini-living room to help separate a bit from the bed.

When nighttime does arrive, once you’ve successfully unwinded in the moodily lit bathroom – complete with powerful waterfall shower – the huge, comfortable bed is there to make the most of, while also not being so oversized that it feels you’ve got a bed and room for nothing else.

Basically, if you want to spend the night in a location that practically couldn’t be more central if it tried, but with all of the trimmings you’d expect from a gorgeous estate location well out of the city, then this is the place for you.

Full details of bookings, pricings and availability can be found here.

Main image via Instagram/@StauntonsOnTheGreen

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