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20th Dec 2016

SWEET JESUS – Doughnut-Topped Hot Chocolate Is Dublin’s Latest Arrival


We told you a few weeks ago that doughnuts were going to be the next big thing in Dublin and boy has that been proven right with Aungier Danger selling out every single day since opening.

Well things are about to go to a new level with Sweet Republic revealing their new range of superhero hot chocolates and milkshakes. You’ll be able to choose from a huge range of doughnuts all sitting on top of a hot chocolate or milkshake. An absolute dream for anybody with a sweet tooth!

The good news is that these go on sale today in their shop at 26 Bachelors walk in Dublin 1. Get down there early before they all sell out!

These look seriously good

I mean who doesn’t want a doughnut AND a hot chocolate combo all in one

They also do non-doughnut milkshakes and they look pretty special too!

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