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08th Nov 2019

Three Dublin businesses served with closure orders in October

Darragh Murphy

Dublin restaurant closed

Three Dublin businesses were served with closure orders by the Health Service Executive last month.

All three of the restaurants have since reopened and one closure order remains under appeal, while the reasons for each closure order remains unknown.

The closure order served to Camden Rotisserie on Camden Street under EC (Official Control of Foodstuffs) Regulations 2010 (S.I. No. 117 of 2010) remains under appeal. That order was served on October 1 and was lifted on October 4.

Instanbel Buffet House on Marlborough Street was served a closure order under the FSAI Act 1998 on 3 October and the order was lifted the next day.

NKD Pizza on Orwell Road in Rathgar was issued a closure order under the FSAI Act 1998 on 22 October and the order was lifted on 24 October.

In total, there were 14 closure orders issued to businesses nationwide in the month of October, including restaurants in Dublin, Louth, Waterford, Monaghan, Meath, Cork, Roscommon, Limerick and Galway.

The full list of businesses can be found on the FSAI website here.

The reasons for the various closures have not been published by the FSAI but they likely will be next week.