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09th Apr 2018

White Moose Café Owner Threatens To Sue Former Miss Ireland Over Tweet In Angry Facebook Post

Darragh Berry

The Charleville Lodge Hotel and The White Moose Café’s owner, Paul Stenson, grabbed headlines in early 2018 after he replied to a blogger on his social media page who was looking for a free stay in exchange for exposure.

The saga caused a lot of back and forth between Stenson and the blogger and carried on for the guts of a week.

He is now back in the spotlight again after he threatened to sue Former Miss Ireland, Holly Carpenter after a tweet she posted in response to a White Moose Café post about the Belfast Trial involving Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding.

The original post by the café was in response to the ‘I Believer Her’ rallies that took place all around the country with one of the biggest taking place here in Dublin.

The café said that it would be holding an “I Believe In Santa rally on O’Connell Street” to which Carpenter replied with “if this isn’t enough for people to boycott the white moose cafe then I don’t know what is.”

In a response to Carpenter, Stenson said on the café’s Facebook page that the tweet was a “reckless attempt to damage the livelihoods of [his] team.”

If the Facebook post is not appearing for you properly in the article, you can also find it here.

The statement reads:

“Dear Ms Carpenter, 

I write in relation to a tweet you posted to your 30,300 Twitter followers on Thursday 29th March 2018 in which you implied that your followers should ‘boycott’ our business. 

I understand that every now and then we see something online that we don’t like. It happens to me too. However, when I don’t agree with something I read on the internet, I quietly move on with my life. I do not set out to destroy the reputation of a business. 

We employ 22 people (12 females, 10 males, from 9 different countries) in our business. My staff are nothing short of excellent. Each one of the team works extremely hard. I am not only proud to call them my staff, but also, my friends. As a former model and beauty pageant entrant, I understand that you will never have provided employment for other human beings and it’s really ‘all about you’, but it might be an idea to consider others for a change. 

By asking your followers to not spend their money with us, you are effectively giving the two fingers to each and every one of my staff members. You do not care if they are rendered jobless as a result of your tweet. You have complete disregard for the fact that each staff member needs to put bread and milk on the table, for both themselves and, in some instances, their families. This is all completely irrelevant to you. All that you care about is that you were offended by a tweet. 

Ms Carpenter, we all make mistakes in life. I am not immune to making mistakes myself. When I do something wrong and realize it, I will own up to it and make an apology. 

I am therefore giving you 7 days from today to offer an official apology, not to me, but to my 22 employees. I would like to see this apology on Twitter and any other social platform you may have used in your reckless attempt to damage the livelihoods of my team. 

Failure to comply with my request will result in my passing your tweet over to my solicitor who will then take matters into his own hands. I don’t particularly recommend this course of action, but at the end of the day, the choice is yours. 

Many thanks, 

Paul Stenson”

Main image via Humans of Dublin/Peter Varga

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