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13th Apr 2020

A virtual cat fair is happening online this weekend

Sarah Finnan

Virtual cat fair

What’s up all you cool cats and kittens?

The world is cat-obsessed at the minute thanks to the Netflix docu-series Tiger King. Granted, that obsession applies mainly to big cats, but there are more to felines than just Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin and tigers and lions.

A fact that organiser and cat behaviourist Alice Chau-Ginguene is keen to get across. An annual event, Dublin’s Cat Fair will return this weekend for its first-ever virtual run. Hoping to “turn lemon into lemonade”, the virtual cat fair is working with the new circumstances – using being at home to its advantage and bringing some much-needed entertainment to cat lovers.

Seven self-employed cat experts from around the world will join Alice, including at photographer Max Lam from Hong Kong, cat trainer Beth Pasek from USA and cat fence inventor Simon Davies from the UK.

Tickets start at a fiver, and each one includes exclusive discount codes that can be used at one of the eight cat-themed businesses involved with the event, as well as a full year of access to the online lectures (in case your daily Zoom call clashes and you can’t tune in live on the day).

The purrfect event for cat lovers.

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