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26th Jan 2021

Bella Hadid marks herself an Irish music fan with latest video 

Sarah Finnan

Bella Hadid

Supermodel Bella Hadid has proven that it’s more than just great fashion taste she should be known for. Whatsoever do I mean? Uploading her first reel to Instagram (she’s a little slow to the uptake but that’s neither here nor there), Bella marked herself as a big supporter of the Irish music scene – picking one of our own as her background song of choice.

Only seven seconds long, the clip shows Bella donning a sparkly disco ball-esque dress and heels with Róisín Murphy’s Simulation playing in the background.

Very in keeping with the vibe of the outfit so a great choice if we do say so… though we may be slightly biased.

Meanwhile, sister Gigi won us over not too long ago with her admission that she’s just as big a fan of Dairy Milk as the rest of us. The lucky recipient of a giant slab of chocolate, Gigi claims that the Marvellous Creations jelly popping candy is her favourite… though her statement that it’s ‘best frozen’ is still up for debate. In the fridge? Maybe. Frozen? I’m not quite convinced.

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