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23rd Feb 2020

Conor McGregor gifted Tyson Fury Irish whiskey ahead of fight

Sarah Finnan

McGregor gave Tyson Fury some of his Irish whiskey

A video posted by MMA mania shows Tyson Fury accepting the bottle of whiskey gifted to him by Conor McGregor.

One of the sponsors of the night, Conor McGregor made sure that his Proper No Twelve whiskey was front and centre at the big showdown.

On full display in the ring, McGregor posted a photo to his Twitter account, reacting to the sponsorship deal by saying:

“So excited! So honoured! Thank you to all the fans of @ProperWhiskey! Baby we did it!!!!”

One of the most highly anticipated heavyweight fights of the year, fans were eager to see Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury come up against each other once again. Each undefeated in their professional careers, they stand tall as two of the reigning champions of the sport.

Gifting a bottle of Proper No. Twelve whiskey to Tyson Fury ahead of the showdown, a spokesperson can be seen in the video passing on McGregor’s well wishes.

Fury responded by thanking the Irishman for the gift, even inviting him to join him in a drink – using some choice language in doing so.

“Thank you very much Conor, appreciate it. I’m going to get smashed out me f*cking face after the fight. If you’re here in Vegas, let’s do it together. Boom.”

The fight got underway in Las Vegas on Saturday with Fury dominating and coming out on top,, thereby ending Wilder’s unbeaten record and his reign as WBC champion.

Though the term is usually Dutch courage, perhaps there are grounds for a petition to change it to Irish courage after that performance.

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