Domhnall Gleeson dines out in Dublin at One Pico

By Katy Thornton

September 9, 2022 at 10:32am


The only thing that would make it better would be if he was dining with his dad.


Domhnall Gleeson may be a huge actor now in his own right, having starred in the likes of Star Wars, About Time (my personal fave) (if you haven't seen it I beg you to make it a priority), Harry Potter, and more. But it still tickles us to see him back in his home county, and I'm sure it tickled One Pico too.

The Molesworth Place restaurant took to Instagram to share a photo of the actor with the simple caption:

"Great to have Domhnall Gleeson in dining with us again tonight."


Which certainly implies it hasn't been the only time Domhnall Gleeson has gone to One Pico for a meal. And given its appearance on the Michelin Guide, we can see why he would be eager to return.

One Pico is on the Michelin Guide for 2022, serving modern cuisine in the Dublin city centre. The Michelin website says:

"This discreet, passionately run restaurant tucked away on a side street is a well-regarded place that’s a regular haunt for MPs. Sit on comfy banquettes or velour chairs, surrounded by muted colours. The modern Irish cooking has plenty of flavour and dishes are attractively presented."


Domhnall Gleeson certainly appears to be buzzing in the photo One Pico shared on Instagram.

BRB while this reminds me to watch About Time for the 20th time.

Header image via Instagram/onepicodublin

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