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04th Jun 2021

Hands on with the Google Pixel Buds A-Series

Rory Cashin

 A must-own for those who need a hands-free work day.

Google have released their direct competitors to Apple’s AirPods with the new Pixel Buds A-Series, but how do they weigh up?


Obviously the biggest draw of any particular pair of new buds will be how do they sound? Well, we can say that the sound coming from these Pixel Buds is crystal clear, but even at maximum volume, not all that loud.


Available in Clearly White and Dark Olive, the semi-oval charger case is small enough to fit anywhere, but still sizeable enough to be difficult to lose. The buds themselves have a busier design that other devices, which usually aim to be as singular and circular as possible. The soft rear buffer positions them flush to your ear, making sure that they sit as comfortably as possible in your ears, while also making it harder for them to accidentally slip out of your ear while in use.

They are also IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance, so good to have should you be out jogging, or caught in the rain.


Five hours of straight-through usage time, with 24 hours of combined use with the recharge from the case. Not amazing, but decent enough to get you from one end of the day to the next.


The biggest push behind the Pixel Buds is the adaptive nature with Google Assistant. These new buds work tremendously well with anyone who finds themselves on the go so much that even looking down at their phone is too much of a time killer. These might be the best pair to use for anyone who can’t get through the day without knowing it will be almost entirely hands free.

There is also a real-time language translator available within the buds themselves in up to 40 different languages, which is just a really cool addition.


At just €99, they definitely make an impression on the lower end of the pricing scale. They’re a great match for anyone with an Android phone, too. While they won’t change the world for music lovers, they will definitely make a difference for those who use their phone as perhaps the primary source of communication and workflow through the day.

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