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22nd Oct 2021

Hands on with the MX Keys Mini

Rory Cashin

As more and more of us work from home, one of these could come in very, very handy…

If you find yourself developing some back pain or back strain related to your laptop and/or computer, and the way you find yourself working around them, then this new MX Keys Mini might be a must-buy for you…


Available in Graphite, Silver Grey and Light Pink, there is a design here to match your aesthetic. The keyboard is also internally illuminated, so if you’re working within a dimly lit area, you’ll still have no problem using this.

Additionally, the design brief is “smaller, smarter, mightier”, which has definitely been met here. All you need to do is connect the keyboard to your laptop or computer, and the rest works as usual, except you’re no longer hindered to the positioning of your keyboard in relation to your screen. No more hunched backs over slightly-too-low desks or crouched singularly over the computer. The screen can be over THERE, and your keyboard can be over HERE.


You can connect the keyboard up to three devices, should you need to multitask in a hurry. All you need is an internet connection for the software download and a bluetooth connection between the keyboard and your devices.

The smart light within the keyboard auto-adjusts to the lighting in your room, so no need to bother highering or lowering that setting if you don’t need to. The layout and design of the keyboard itself is built with precision typing in mind, all minimalist aesthetics but with better ergonomics constantly in mind.

There are also keys dedicated to dictation, muting and unmuting, and even emojis. It really has been thought of with every potential use in mind by the user.


The MX Keys Mini is available via the official Logitech website right here for about €120.

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