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22nd Oct 2021

Hands on with the myFirst Fone R1

Rory Cashin

The first steps to using tech for younger kids.

Kids are getting more and more into technology at a younger and younger age, and considering how prevalent tech is in our day and age, it can only be a good thing to get them used to the technology as soon as possible.

With that in mind, and in the run up to Christmas happening, we got hands on with the myFirst Fone R1, and these are our findings:


Bright and colourful and available in a host of different designs, so chances are one of them will be your kiddies favourite colour. The 1.3 round watch screen is big and bright, with capacitive touch so the younger users will find it easy to navigate.

The bright strap is also comfortable and easy to adjust, and perhaps most importantly, the whole thing is very easy to wipe clean and is entirely splash proof… should the need (eventually) arise to clean them down!


The watch comes complete with a 2MP camera, perfect for getting the kids used to photography from a young age. They can send and receive emojis on their screens, make friends with other Fone users, plus it has an in-built MP3 player, capable of holding up to 500 songs. It also has a great little in-built loudspeaker if they happen to be particularly big music lovers!

You can also hold video calls on the screen, so you can ring and check in with the kids using the device as you would a regular smart phone, but it can also be set into Classroom Mode, so they won’t be getting any alerts or distractions while working away with their teachers and classmates.

The device also homes indoor WiFi tracking, Geofence Alert, removal detection and a one-touch SOS alert, all great news for guardians with safety in mind.


The myFirst Fone R1 is available via the official website here, priced at around €150.

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