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02nd Feb 2023

“I just kept the head down” – Ryan Tubridy recounts experience with ‘obnoxious’ DART passenger

Fiona Frawley

side by side images of Ryan Tubridy smiling on the Late Late Show set and a dart pulling into a station

First Pat Kenny was offered a “spliff” and now this.

Ryan Tubridy spoke out on his RTÉ radio show on Thursday about his experience on a DART with a passenger that was “so obnoxious”.

The Late Late Show host recounted how he found himself on a train with someone who was watching TikToks so loudly that he disturbed other people on the carriage.

“I was on the DART the other day and there was a fella, he was a pain in the neck,” Tubridy said.

“He literally had a screw in his mouth from the day job, like a nail, and he was going through his TikTok with no headphones. It was so obnoxious.

“Also, the stuff he was looking at wasn’t really cool in public because it was kind of a little bit offensive to some of the other people on the train.

“So, he didn’t stop and I nearly changed [train] and I thought: ‘Nah, look I’m nearly there so I’ll leave him at it’.

“I think he eventually turned it [the volume] down because he was on the train with one of his pals who eventually looked at him and said ‘I don’t think that’s really working’.

“He kept biting the screw though so he obviously had a good day at the office.”

Later on in the programme, a listener wrote into the show to say people should not tolerate such behaviour.

However, while Tubridy admitted he was “tempted” to say something to the man on the train, he ultimately did not intervene.

The host said: “Yeah, you see, then you just become one of those people.

“I know what you’re saying but even the guy with the screw, I was kind of going: ‘I’m tempted,’ and then he’d look at me and say: ‘Oh, you’re that knob,” and you’d get into trouble.

“So, I just kept the head down on that front.

“Look, it wasn’t the biggest problem in the world, was it? Let’s face it. But, I hear what you’re saying.”

Ryan Tubridy is not the first Late Late host to have an awkward experience on a DART.

Pat Kenny once revealed to listeners of his Newstalk show that he was “offered a spliff” on the Dublin train service, which you can read about right here.

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