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04th Mar 2021

‘It’s in the Oxford dictionary’ – First Dater tries to explain the concept of a spice bag

Sarah Finnan

First Dates

One First Dater was shocked to learn that not everyone is familiar with the concept of a spice bag.

Dubliners will all be well familiar with the humble glory of a spice bag. A regular feature on most people’s weekend takeaway lists, it’s the cure for a bad hangover, a case of the blues and just about anything else that may befall you to be honest.

Named the nation’s favourite takeaway on more than one occasion, it turns out that not everyone actually knows what a spice bag is – as demonstrated by the below exchange on First Dates Ireland.

Landing on the topic of spice bags after discussing spicy foods, one dater had quite a hard time believing that someone hadn’t heard of the concept before – claiming that “spice bag’s in the Oxford dictionary” and everything.

Trying his best to put into words what exactly it encompasses, he went on to say:

“It’s basically just like chips and shredded chicken in a bag with like seasoning and spices and stuff like that.”

See below for the full clip.

Is it a cultural issue as he pointed out?

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