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06th Dec 2021

Mary and Romain’s trip to Dublin – from attempted Irish accents to poppin’ bottles on Crow Street

Fiona Frawley

They came, they saw, they conquered.

If you ploughed through series 4 of Selling Sunset in a matter of days like myself, you’ll no doubt have been glued to Mary and Romain’s stories over the weekend during their trip to Dublin. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one hoping to bump into Romain at my local Centra, with a hungover head on him ordering a tapas of jambons, sausage rolls and hash browns washed down with a 500ml of protein milk (just seems like his vibe) but alas, they appear to have kept it a bit classier. Wondering where they stayed, what they ate, who they bumped into? Well, after a long weekend of sleuthing, here’s everything we observed.

A stay at the Merrion

Sure they wouldn’t call the queen their aunt. Mary and Romain spent the weekend shacked up in a gorge suite at Dublin’s 5 star Merrion Hotel, complete with their own Christmas tree and a bed for Romain to bounce on. As is his right.

A spot of shopping at Monaghans Cashmere

The pair then ventured as far as South Anne Street to pick up a wooly jumper or two, and if I don’t see Mary wearing one while selling a house for DJ Khaled I’ll be fumin’.

Browsing for heirlooms at Chupi

After all the speculation around the engagement ring Romain got Mary back in season 2 (we haven’t forgotten, Davina), it was only fitting that they pop into the darling of Irish jewellery for an upgrade.

Sabering champagne bottles at Rosa Madre

Swipe along to see Mary slice the cork off her champers at Rosa Madre, with Romain on recording duties. I’m assuming he wasn’t allowed to touch the dagger. Prob for the best.

A trip to the Guinness “Factory”

If you watched Romain’s stories over the weekend, you’ll know this is what he was most excited for.

What do you reckon, a nicely packed trip or did they miss out on a few bits? Would Mary have only loved a rummage through Penneys? Should Romain have made it his business to have a 6pm-midnight boogey in Coppers? I personally feel they missed a trick not ordering a spice box to their hotel room and watching War of the Buttons but look, to each their own. We’ll keep our suggestions for when Christine comes, maybe.

Header image via Instagram/maryfitzgerald/romainbonnet

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