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08th Mar 2020

Brod only has eyes for Michael D and it’s giving us all the warm fuzzies

Sarah Finnan

Michael D's dog Brod

Brod the Bernese Mountain Dog has captivated the nation once again.

Michael D’s dog Brod has melted hearts across the country for the second time in the space of just a couple of days.

Hitting the headlines during the royal visit, Brod proved to quite popular with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge – taking his duties as host very seriously, making sure to give Kate and William a warm Irish welcome.

Even Kensington Palace was impressed, tweeting a video of the royal introduction and garnering Brod a few new UK fans in the process.

Well, if you thought the video of Miggeldy’s dog greeting Kate Middleton was adorable then just prepare yourselves because this is off the cuteness charts altogether.

A video captured by journalist Razan Ibraheem and reposted by Barry Malone online shows Brod scanning the room before making a beeline straight for Michael D… proving he only has eyes for his master.

All the friendly giant wanted was a belly rub. Brings to mind that line from the movie Despicable Me, when Agnes says – “He’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die”.

What is it about cute things that makes us want to squeeze them to death? Not in an aggressive way, in an “I just love you so much” kind of way.

Fingers crossed there’s plenty more Brod (and Sioda) content to come, we love to see it.

(Header image courtesy of @michaeldhiggins2018)

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